Jul 13, 2017

A Picture or a Thousand Words?

I would rather insert a gif than type out a word or two to you. You'll get the message either ways, but, it ain't the same is it? The gif image will probably bring a smile on your face in addition to you receiving the message. 

Do you know of people who can manage the same only with words? Do you know of messages that have the same impact on you? 

For that, the words should change, which would require the message changed. You should cease responding and begin leading. Lead the conversation into another dimension.

Do you know where these people are? Do you know how to find them? Read. Read as much as possible. Read as wide as possible. Read the lyrics, read the subtitles, read the news papers, read in different languages, read emails, billers, everything and everywhere. Unless you look, you'll never find the ones who lead. 

Not just those who write, but, those who sing, those who act, those who perform, those who communicate. We're in a world where it is difficult to differentiate the signal from noise. No wonder, we need data analytics to help us - humans find it tiring to do it by themselves. Find the next one who leads. 

Know an easier way to find one? Be.

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